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Writing reporter Karen de Sá for action on Withdrawal Syndromes

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Though our efforts on here seem to be somewhat scattershot and many of us are too busy, too disabled, or otherwise unable to be working on concerted advocacy projects, I felt a simpler or more focused collaborative activity would be writing this one particular reporter, Karen de Sá.  As taken from her biography page at her present position:


"Karen de Sá is an investigative reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle. She has worked as a journalist in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 20 years, specializing in investigations of social injustice issues. Her projects have exposed inhumane conditions in youth prisons, the excessive use of psychiatric drugs on foster children, and financial abuse of the elderly and disabled, among other topics."


During her time with the San Jose Mercury News, she wrote the award winning series on the psychiatric drugging of key vulnerable children populations some of us on here are familiar with, which you can access in full here: http://extras.mercurynews.com/druggedkids/(" Drugging Our Kids")


I've included her contact information below, also as appearing on her bio page here: http://www.sfchronicle.com/author/Karen-de-Sa/


To contact Karen, please call (415) 777-7925 or email kdesa@sfchronicle.com


I feel that some national and international messages to this reporter may be more constructive than simply choosing to offer information to (or solicit aid from) local or prominent newspapers or investigative teams.  She should understand the level of support (personal as well as logistical and material) that should would have from communities like ours in exploring the issue publicly.


You can talk about whatever aspects of the issue most upset you, or caused you the most harm--negligent prescribing, failure to provide informed consent, medical and administrative cover-ups, pharmaceutical misinformation campaigns, misdiagnosis and mistreatment of symptoms, insurance and disability mazes, the impact on quality of care for other patients using facilities like emergency rooms and hospitals, etc.  What should the public know?  Why should they care?

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Great post thanks .

Its horrendous how these people are treated ,the mix of big pharma pushing this poison on doctors and advertising and burying court cases and  then we cant even blame the parents or guardians for trusting the powers that be can we. :angry: 

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