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Feel more myself during my period?


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Does anyone feel BETTER when they're on their period? On my period I feel more myself, more creative, social, relaxed, have much better access to my feelings...sometimes, colors actually become deeper/brighter when I'm on my period. I have actual CHANGES IN MY VISION! Does anyone else experience this...and does anyone know why this might be??? What kind of hormonal changes etc. occur during the first 2 days of your period? I only feel like this during the first 2 days or so when I'm bleeding heavily. I have been searching for other posts about this but I haven't found any.


It's similar to how this guy felt on inositol: http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/10410-success-story-for-pssd-and-ongoing-discontinuation-symptoms-please-read/ Where he says: "The only way I can possibly describe it to someone although it doesn't completely do it justice would be like buying a new graphics card sticking on wow and turning every graphics setting to full, it was amazing." I have only had that happen a few times on my period, but, it was JUST like that.


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