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Blacking out and malaise after getting out of a hot tub


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I usually start to black out and have to lean against a wall when I get out of a hot tub, but tonight the blacking out was particularly intense and caused me to feel bad for several seconds.  I can't really describe the "bad" feeling, but it reminded me of when I was sicker and how I've forgotten how bad it used to be.  It really scared me.  Has anyone else had issues with hot tubs?  I'm assuming this means it's bad for me, but I wonder if it would still be bad for me if I got out more slowly.  I'm wondering if it would help me heal quicker if I approached it better.  Like how exercising can help you heal if you don't push it too far and can set you back if you do.  I don't have this issue with the sauna or steamroom.

- 2002-2015: Zyprexa (Olanzapine), between 2.5mg to 5mg

- 9/15-2/16: Started a taper that jumped up and down quickly for five months.  Got really sick.  Took Xanax sporadically throughout taper.  Stopping taking Xanax in January 2016.

- 2/14/16: Increased dose to 3.75mg and held for two months, quickly got better at first and then slowly continued to get better after that

- Apr/16: 3.375mg, May/16: 3.03mg, Jun-Jul/16: 2.73mg, Aug-Sept/16: 2.5mg, Oct/16: 2.25mg, Nov/16: 2.03mg, Dec/16-Jan/17: 1.82mg, Feb/17: 1.64mg, Mar/17: 1.48mg, Apr/17: 1.33mg, May-Sept/17: 1.20mg, Oct/17: 1.08mg, Nov/17: 0.97mg, Dec/17: 0.87mg, Jan/17: 0.78mg, Feb/17: 0.71mg, Mar/17: 0.64mg, Apr/17: 0.57mg, May/17: 0.51mg

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