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It's not depression - it's a messed-up family


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So I've been dealing with a lot of challenging information this week with regard to my mental health. 


In 2000, when I was 15, I attempted suicide. I'd had an aggressive eating disorder for about 2 years at this point - that continued until I was 24 or 25. My parents got me a little bit of counseling after the attempt, but they mostly swept it all under the rug. Then, in 2002, I had what they classified as another "depressive episode," which caused them to send me to a psychiatrist who prescribed antidepressants (Wellbutrin). No therapy support. I was away at college at this time.


I realized this week that I probably attempted suicide not because of my own horrific depression, but because of the experiences I had with narcissistic family members.


I don't think I'm that messed up. I think that I suffered some serious trauma in childhood that led me to some desperate acts because I was a kid and didn't know what else to do.




Instead of pushing for therapy and getting me better coping mechanisms, my parents took me as a minor and essentially forced meds down my throat. They told me I would never be able to function without medication because my depression was so severe. They also beat the idea that I had a neurochemical imbalance into my head as a child.


I'm seriously pissed about this.




What I'm trying to get at: I think it's possible that I'm not seriously mentally ill. In fact, I think it's possible that I'm not mentally ill. I think I was a teen trying to deal with a crappy home life, and it was easier to "check out" because I'd been intentionally isolated by my parents and couldn't talk to anyone about what was happening at home.


Yes, I engaged in some self-harm - but it was only because I couldn't find even a tiny bit of control in my life. I felt like a spectator watching my own existence float by because I wasn't empowered to make my own choices.


I was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder in 2002. For some reason, the psych thought it was okay to put me on permanent medication, and no one else seemed to question this decision. Fifteen years later, I've been through a panel of psych meds from scores of docs. Some of those meds left me with horrifying side effects.


Frankly, I'm just angry.

  • I'm angry that my family gets the convenient excuse of "Oh, you're mentally ill," any time I have a legitimate concern about our relationship. Everything can just be dismissed *poof* because "your perception of reality is distorted." That's the ultimate mechanism for gaslighting - a narcissist's DREAM.
  • I'm angry that I've been medicated for nearly half my life because of this ongoing rhetoric that says I'm just not "good enough."
  • I'm angry that I've allowed myself to be sedated and convinced that there is something deeply and fundamentally wrong with me ... when the medication just made me more convenient to deal with. They masked my feelings and led me to years of self-harm because I never dealt with the underlying cause.
  • I'm angry that the meds made me manic and caused more problems for me in the long term.

What could I have done with 15 functional years? What damage has been done to my brain? Is this why I've found it impossible to build real relationships with other people and actually hold down a job?


I feel dismay and regret that I bought what everyone was "selling" and told myself that I was sick. I'm afraid to trust my own brain now, and that makes me even more upset. My world view is toppling, and I'm working through it with a counselor, but this just feels like betrayal from the people who should have been helping, not hurting.




Thanks for letting me vent. I'm seriously looking forward to getting opinions and input from everyone on this forum.

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HI Kaypedia, thanks for sharing your story . I really hope u can replace that anger u have for compassion for yourself some day,u never had a choice in how u were treated as a child.


I personally had nice decent parents but I've traced my own story back to a kid ,and i was heavily medicated since i was young (bad asmtha),(steriods/antibiotics).So i grew up believeing and trusting doctors.i can't blame my parents because they grew up in the same world as doctors know best.

Please give yourself time to process it all it takes time.In the future doctors and prescribers will have a lot to answer for but for know we take the power back and forge a path for our future.

Take care

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Hi Kay


You have every right to be angry.  Roll with it for awhile, feel it and sit with it.


Anger is just a 'feeling' and one of the things I've learned over my protracted journey with PAWS and misdiagnosis is, feelings pass.


Trust that some day you will have put enough distance between the horrid events of your life, and this moment.  Right now.  That's what is real.


You don't have to 'forgive' anyone.  You can make new rules and set boundaries, and learn to find joy in the small.


I circle round to being angry sometimes still, too.  But I've learned over these years not to let anyone else tell me what I should or should not be doing with *my* life.


Do you know about the Mad in America site?

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there have been windows, sometimes weeks of feeling 'almost normal' and the BLAM


windows and waves, indeed

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Kay. Believe me, I know was covert narcissistic abusers and their flying monkeys do to us unsuspecting victims. You are probably right that you are not mentally ill at all. Have you done any research on this insidious form of abuse? My covert narcissistic abuser almost cost me my life. But I managed to break free and take control of my life. You are not crazy and definitely not alone. Getting away from my abuser I have flourished. I still get angry at times but I know in time this and the disbelief will lessen in time. Keep reaching out and posting.


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I agree it's likely that the affects of your childhood experiences have caused you difficulties in later life and that you don't have a mental illness. I have been called a nutter and weird because I didn't mix well, haven't coped at times, I am sensitive, have difficulty building relationships......I could go on and on. All because of the trauma and neglect I suffered as a baby/child. The effects of those young years have never left me. I'm now 53, have a decent job, my own home, but I have struggled all my life and I am now at the stage where I could just pack it all in and run away! I have learnt to accept the reasons for my struggles, not blame anyone and most importantly started telling myself only recently, that none of this is my fault. I didn't cause this! Good luck I hope you find love and happiness you deserve it x

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I live with narcissistic family members, who unfortunately, I am still dependent upon. I am now desperate to be freed of their bondage.


Growing up as a young child, I was both physically and emotionally abused. I have been called names over and over such as selfish, lazy, and a failure in life. They only highlight the problems out of me which are not only greatly over-exaggerated, but they are the ones to blame. They also come up with anything from my past they can use against me. They use my Aspergers label to constantly let me know "I'm messed up" and "will never get anywhere in life". They only see me as a burden and threaten me every day. They don't listen at all, and when we have a disagreement they fight until it gets ugly so they "win". In the end, I'm left in tears struggling to breathe while they laugh at me and yell for me to shut up.


From the time I was 10, they medicated me. They took word-for-word everything the doctors said and never bothered to ask my opinion before they forced it on me. The medicine, combined with dealing with them, brought on depression in me which I dealt with for ten years. All I knew in life was to take medicine, despite the fact it was making me sick with so many side effects.


In December of last year, I cold-turkeyed my medicine Abilify. I had never been warned of any risks and I wasn't thinking clearly. I was neither helped by my psychiatrist or my family. I made up the decision to get off medicine and start my life because I wanted to live a life without medicine. I've suffered for nearly 10 months now. The withdrawal has been terrible for me. I've gradually improved as symptoms have come and gone, but the stress from living with them keeps taking a toll on me.


If things weren't already worse, my family is planning to send me to the mental facility. I've already been evaluated and released, and I'm determined not to go back. They bluntly refuse to listen as they have my whole life. They are set on the chemical imbalance theory belief and that I was born with it. They have a number of doctors to back them up, as I have gone to many different ones and they're all ready to medicate me again. I have no one to turn to. There is nobody on my side anymore. But I won't stand for this. I cannot go through the torturing all over again simply because they chose my life for me. They made all my life's decisions telling me "I couldn't do anything". I am desperate to get away from them, but I cannot support myself. I don't know if there is anything I can do. I feel like I am backed into a dark corner somewhere with no way out.


I have nobody to tell all this to, so I appreciate the opportunity to vent.

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