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  • 2 years later...

thanks good video.

(i am french)

1998 prazépam, citalopram /1999 paroxetine prazepam /2000 paroxétine /2001venafaxine, alprazolam, clomipramine * 2002 (dont remember)/2003 clomipramine, alprazolam /2004 clomipramine /2005 alprazolam /2006(dont remember) * 2007citalopram, alprazolam, prazépam, venlafaxine /2008(dont remember) /2009 venlafaxine /2010 venlafaxine *All precedent withdrawal were very fast. I tried many times to stop but didn't know what happened. *2011 mirtazapine (22,5 mg) , norset , risperdal (cold turkey for risperdal and norset, analysis by doctor say that my body does not support and i was in danger) /2012 mirtazapine / 2013 mirtazapine  *october 2014 mirtazapine (15mg) - putting down slowly.   *when i was good for one month i  down 1ml. (1ml of 100ml of water in which there was 1 pill of 15mg of mirtazapine. At the end i remove 1ml of 50ml of water but with 0,5 pill it does the same concentration.) (i down more like "how i feel, because at the beginning i had a calendar tapping 10% every 15 days and i was really bad, so i decided to see one month and after if i was trust in my body, i remove 10% of the dose at the beginning; and at the end i remove 1ml (when the 10% was lower than 1ml). It was more how i feel. (it is just the last 1 ml that i remove rapidly because i think i was attached mentally and i need to break. and 1ml of 50ml of 15/2mg is just 1ml correspond to 0.15mg. ).  -juillet 2017 stop all. 

nov 2017 tetany and gastritis. I found "euphytose", "spasmine", "phyto-stress" from Govital(the more efficient if crisis because more concentrated)  efficient. If very bad i take valerian extract 1000mg (stop crisis). 

january 2022: I survive. Still having no hunger sensation.

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