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2 hours ago, eboyd said:

I agree with @Tweet. I had to deal with a year of side effects before figuring out it was the meds and now I am in a year of withdrawl as well.  However much this whole process sucks, it really has helped me grow as a person.  I am a lot more compassionate towards others and I have a better understanding of myself.  I make sure I put the time in to myself now and I refuse to compromise my health and well being for any reason...because I know better.  Accepting where you are and knowing that you won't be in that same place down the road is very comforting.  In the mean time, find healthy ways to cope with the symptom of the day.  Sending hugs your way, because sometimes that makes all the difference.

I wish there was a like button 😘

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7 hours ago, Tweet said:

I am sorry for your suffering. one thing that helps me is remembering how I felt a year ago compared to now.

Gettofflex, I think one of the hardest things is the length of time it takes to go through paws. A person just, like you said, gets sick to death of it.

Hang in there and keep reading success stories. It is a grueling process, but you can do it.


Thanks so much tweet for your sympathy and support.  It really helps.  I have read some of the success stories, and will continue to do so.  Thankfully today is a better day.  It helps that I slept better last night, because I took a Xanax, which I only take on occasion.  

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