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Make an official Rxisk report about your PSSD


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Dr David Healy is urging people who suffer PSSD to make an official Rxisk report on the Rxisk website regarding PSSD. He has almost reached his goal of achieving the amount of reports he needs to compile and contrast the existing reports he has, to see if there are any similarities between the cases etc, and to see what the Rxisk team can learn from this. Please if you suffer from PSSD go onto the Rxisk website and fill out an official report. You can do this by clicking on the option at the top of the page called "drug side effect" at the top of the Rxisk page, and following the instructions from there. Every report counts towards this horrible condition being better understood and researched. Thanks

Last took an SSRI January 2009.

Last took a benzodiazepine May 2015.

Free from all prescription medication since May 2015.

Everything has mostly healed apart from PSSD which is still very bad, and is my most distressing symptom. Also i have developed some allergy problems/ sensitivities to things in the environment which i believe was possibly caused by the prescription medications (SSRI's and benzos).

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