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Emotional Pain and the Possibility of Finding Hope


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Hear me now. As you change their bandages and touch them and turn them in their beds, I don’t ever want to see one of you treat them differently because of how they experience pain. I don’t ever want to see you make the men who openly show their pain feel ashamed. The men who endure pain silently are no braver or better men than those who don’t.


In my experience, the human need to not be left alone when we are suffering is very great. During such times our very basic human needs for being valued, seen, heard and cared about arise as we are at our most vulnerable and are dependent on the goodwill of others. Hopelessness and a self-devaluation set in if we’re detachedly analysed, labeled, silenced, shunned and isolated.


https://www.madinamerica.com/2017/04/emotional-pain-and-the-possibility-of-finding-hope/ .



I loved this article ,it really helped me understand my own emotional pain and push on through it and not be scared and the fact that big pharma just numb us with disgusting drugs . power back

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