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Counting beads in a capsule versus weighing

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19 hours ago, drugged said:

Thanks Charlie Brown.  

You're welcome. I think I may have gone a little fast. I can remember taking out more every morning. Until I felt side-effects later in the day from withdrawal, then I would wait those 4-7 days.


Because of the shorter half-life, and the length of time you have taken Venlafaxine. If it were me, I would only reduce once I felt that I was "stable" on the slightly lower dose. And then continue to step down, as my blood levels of Venlafaxine "level off" after each reduction... But then again I can't give medical advice! Talking to a Dr. is always good.


Also I should mention, as you know. There are more than just "Large and Small" spansule beads. So you might want to categorize the beads into 3 or 4 sizes. I think 3 is fine. S,M,L.


The time release difference of a small VS a very small bead, might not be worth counting. I counted mine on a sheet of paper. After separating and discarding beads, I then folded it into a tight V shape funnel, to fit back into the capsule. Pouring back my dose into the capsule, over a bowl to catch any droppings. Any that dropped, after I finished pouring, I would lay down the paper and pour them from the bowl to the paper and then into the capsule again. That way, I was always holding the larger capsule half with my left hand, over the bowl while pouring. (I'm right handed)


Then again if you start feeling ill, it would take more time to do the counting... but wouldn't hurt to change to 4 sizes of beads. The beads are usually pretty consistent. As in, they seemed to have set sizes. Like a gravity coin sorter. During production each bead falls through holes to determine their size and how much XR coating is on each bead.


Well at least every generic, spansule bead capsule medication I have ever seen in Canada.

(Fluoxetine, Venlafaxine, Sertraline, Dexedrine and Adderall, I'm probably forgetting a couple. Almost generics entirely in fact. Nova, Apotex, Teva and [PMS, Pharma Science Canada] Mostly APO and PMS)

I would assume the medications in the United States have the same or nearly the exact same, standards as Canadian meds. I wouldn't doubt they have the same industrial medical machinery for production.


Good luck!

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Spansule counting on paper method

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