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Carrie33: Luvox CR /Fluvoxamine ER

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Hi, I have been taking the generic Luvox CR (Fluvoxamine ER) 100mg every night for years--the cost is ridiculous and I would like to taper off ....it is in capsule form. Has anyone successfully tapered off of this drug?


This is the extended release form, and only available in 100mg and 150mg capsules.



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Hi Carrie, welcome to SA. 


It is more difficult to taper the extended release capsules but it can be done by opening the capsule and removing some of the beads then putting it back together. You could switch to the instant release which is easier to taper. 


You can find the instructions here... 




You might read these topics too before you start. It is best that you are well inforned and ready for the challenge. You can taper off safely as long as you are patient and learn to listen to your body, not making cuts too soon. Pushing ahead while feeling withdrawal always backfires. It takes a long long time but in the end you will be off the drug amd feeling better than you thought possible.









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Hi Carrie33!  I am also tapering luvox.  I use the instant release and a jewelry scale.  Welcome.  I have found the people on this site to be very helpful, caring, and supportive.

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