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Holy Cr-p/Someone denied a liver transplant due to AD use?


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I was reading this thread on Democratic Underground about someone being denied a liver transplant due to smoking marijuana even the hospital denying the procedure supposedly is the same place that prescribed the weed.


Anyway, someone responded by (post 35) stating their father was denied a liver transplant due to AD use. Is that a common occurrence that we just don't know about? If so, that is disgraceful.





Drug cocktail 1995 - 2010
Started taper of Adderall, Wellbutrin XL, Remeron, and Doxepin in 2006
Finished taper on June 10, 2010

Temazepam on a PRN basis approximately twice a month - 2014 to 2016

Beginning in 2017 - Consumption increased to about two times per week

April 2017 - Increased to taking it full time for insomnia

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