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Elvira: Is there hope for my recovery?

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I'm a 69 yr old female who took mirtazapine for 3 months.  I stopped the drug 2 yrs ago cold turkey because my doc knew nothing about tapering (and neither did I at the time).  I've had a hell of a time and even now have daily headaches, face pain, sore eyes (although the optometrist says my eyes are fine), gastro discomfort, dizziness and other problems which I NEVER had prior.  Took the drug because I was in a bad place trying to gain weight and side effect was weight gain.  Is the only antidote time?  I want no part of any drugs.  Thanks for any advice or guidance.



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Hello Elivra,


I'm sorry it's taken us a while to reply to your post.  After being off mirtazapine for two years, it is true that time is the main healer.  There are things that can help to ease withdrawal a little, such as fish oil and magnesium.  We do have some information on gastro issues too, which you might like to read through.


Other than that, self-care does go a long way.  This is my favourite thread on this site:  non-drug-techniques-to-cope-with-emotional-symptoms


There are other people who are also waiting a long time for w/d to end, so hopefully you will feel less alone if you read through some of the members' threads.


Welcome to SA,


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If you are going to stop your medication be sure and taper.  I did not and my neurologist thinks it was the trigger that has now caused chronic migraines.  Just had my first round of Botox treatment.  This is a nightmare, so if this helps one other person I'll be glad.  I only took remeron for 3 months but seems it was long enough to do damage.  Good luck to all making the decision to quit dependency.

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Elivra any update.

Have the symptoms receded?

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