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JanCarol - undiagnosed! Off all "bipolar" drugs!

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Hi !

Frank asks:

On 12/5/2019 at 5:41 AM, Frankgrimes said:

 Did you have the burning and physical pain and temperature issues during your taper?


It's complicated, because while I was on lithium, I lost complete interest in everything, and so - the doctors were happy to take my ovaries & thyroid, so I have a complex endocrine problem.

The lithium damaged my kidneys - I still have bouts of what I call "kidney dumping" where the kidneys dump so much fluid it is impossible to sleep because I have to get up every half hour.  (When on lithium, I had full blown diabetes insipidus, and it was like this every night.)   It's possible - with water and electrolytes - to prevent these.  They usually come when I am stressed and not paying as much attention to how much and what I am drinking.  


I have chronic pain, pretty much all over.  It doesn't take much to set me off.  But is that from the lithium?  The injuries?  The thyroid (chronic tendinitis)?  I can't say that is all about the lithium.


For several years I had autonomic dysregulation - I couldn't control my temperature and went absolutely mad with overheat and cold.  I lived rugged up for most of the year, even though I live in a subtropical climate (like middle of Mexican coast).  But then I would overheat.  Then freeze.  Then overheat.  I still have a narrow window of what is comfortable for me - sweats can turn me into an evil witch.


For the pain, my best answer is magnesium.  I take 400-600 mg of good quality magnesium daily.  I soak in magnesium baths.  If I miss my magnesium baths I will get painful cramps.  When I get the opportunity, I go to the Float Tanks, which are saturated with Epsom Salts magnesium.  I can never eliminate the pain, as I'm buggered six ways to Sunday - but I can feel better.

I get a lot of massage, at least 2x a month.  Again - I cannot say that it is the lithium which did this to me!  But it is easy for me to overtire, easy for me to become racked with pain.  I survive day-to-day with a topical CBD balm.  This is the strongest one I've found:  Saving Grace Relief Rub


The other damage I'm left with is what the medicos call "pre-diabetic" - or what I call metabolic disorder.  I'm fat.  It is extremely hard for me to lose weight, even though I walk & do tai chi daily, go to karate 1-2x a week.  Eat simply.  I probably eat half of what my husband does, and to lose 100 grams is a major victory.  Additionally, my digestive system goes out of balance very easily - and I get IBS.  I've been working on my gut biome with prescription probiotics.  I haven't quite gotten to the poo transplant, but I had IBS for 7 years.


Additionally (and I do think this is the lithium) I had a long period of cardiac irregularities.  I think on my thread I called it the Badger in my chest.  The cardio folks called them ectopic heartbeats - and said that exercise made it better.  Well I had been exercising, and I did take some herbs (hawthorn, motherwort, beet powder), and continued to exercise, and that just cleared up.  Went away like it was never ever there.  I think it was something I had to go through as a withdrawal symptom.


Moodwise, I am still challenged.  I have to do my daily rituals and make sure there are enough aminos and fat in my diet (that's meat, folks!) to stay on the path. I have a default to suicidal ideation anytime things get rough - from years of being suicidal and walking with it.  I'm not saying I am in any danger, or that I ever have been in any danger.  It just wears one down to have to "not entertain" those thoughts, or to "change the channel" because those thoughts are heavy and have gravity.  So I perform my daily rituals which are, currently:

Lots of fish oil (4000 iu) and Magnesium (400-600 mg)

Some medicinal aminos - NAC, Inositol
Lemon Water with MSM and mushroom complex for digestion

Sun walk (must do or mood falls) - challenging in 100 degree weather

Medicine Wheel - greeting the medicine wheel to ground and orient and pray and prepare for what I have to do.

Sleep - about 9-10 hours a night

Exercise daily - about 20-30 minutes of tai chi plus extra practice when I teach and go to classes.

Meditation daily - just 10 minutes, to still my heart and center my mind.


Then there's the social maintenance of - talking to people (sometimes on the internet, sometimes face to face - I hate the telephone).

This is about 2 hours of "maintenance" - sometimes more on karate or tai chi days.  Just maintenance - the bare minimum of what I need to survive in this world.


I don't know how "normal" people do it.  Just run and run and run and never stop to see where they are in the universe, or take care of their bodies.  I think this is why we have a sick society.

I hope you see the Sun today (I won't, as it's too blasted  hot out there!  but I will pass through sunshine on my way to my massage!  AHhhhhhh!)




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On 12/5/2019 at 6:58 PM, JanCarol said:

Sun walk (must do or mood falls) - challenging in 100 degree weather


I so understand this - my mood has been SO much different since I moved to a climate with much less sun. it's supposed to be cloudy all day today (maybe all weekend) and I dread this.  I use my Happy Light but can't tell if it's helping or not. 



On 12/5/2019 at 6:58 PM, JanCarol said:

I don't know how "normal" people do it.  Just run and run and run and never stop to see where they are in the universe, or take care of their bodies.  I think this is why we have a sick society.


I think this is VERY true. 


I'm sorry your life is so hard but I'm glad you know how to take care of yourself. ❤️

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