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Truvia - sweetnener


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So I recently lost some weight, I equate it to using truvia instead of sugar, it's a sugar alcohol but it also has stevia in it anyway I use it in my iced tea that I make at home- well I noticed each time I drink a glass I get a lot of anxiety, I initially thought it was the caffeine in the tea causing it, but coffee and pop do not cause the same reaction, well I started digging and I found this - and I just wanted to share this with everyone else - and warn people about stevia -- this is pretty scary imo - it causes a reduction in dopamine and serotonin, like it can cross the blood brain barrier and directly affect the areas of the brain we are trying to heal!!! 





*Currently at 3.3mg off my 10mg pill of Paxil (they actually weigh 12.5mg) so I’m around 7.4 mg 

*No other supplements or vitamins 

*Taper schedule in the pdf 




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