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Ladywingnut Successful withdrawal from effexor/venlafaxine

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Hi Ladywingnut :) Congrats on your progress! I have this underlying panic after PAWS and I'm often unable to feel safe in my body. I think it's PTSD from the PAWS. And I get scared that I'll never be able to find peace and "be" in my body again. I do SE, but I find it very hard and anxiety provoking. And I fear I'll never again feel safe in my body even though PAWS is over. I wanted to ask you if you have felt the same way and if it goes away? Thanks :)

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On 12/2/2019 at 1:41 AM, Ladywingnut said:


I hope that's of some use - and I'm so with you as you continue your self work.  ❤️

Thank you lady for all your ideas and keeping in touch even though you're already well healed.  Inspiring and compassionate.  Have a cool yule! 🎅

Love and peace


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