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sherrybp4: Tapering Gabapentin

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Hi my name is Sherry and I am on my second day of tapering off of Gabapentin 400 2x daily. I have been on it since last September. I have gained 28 lbs. on this jacked up medication. I just can't sit around and wait until it's even more out of hand. If anyone has already gone through it please leave me any helpful tips.


I have the capsules and I have cut down to 400 in am and 200 at night.


Thanks. :)

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Hi Sherry, welcome to SA. I am so glad that  you found us at the start of your taper. I and many others ended up here after tapering too fast and suffering withdrawal. You can avoid that by following a slow taper. People often look at the tapering protocol here and think it is far too slow but it is the best way to get off safely. To start we recommend tapering 10% of the current dose every 4 weeks. If that goes ok it can be a bit faster or slightly bigger cuts. Your body will tell you how fast to go. If there are any withdrawal symptoms the cuts are too big and should be made smaller, or longer holds between cuts. You will get used to listening to your body and be able to get off safely with minimal discomfort. 


Side effects are usually dose related and ease up as the dose lowers. I tapered effexor and my weight dropped as the dose lowered without dieting, hopefully that will happen for you too.  As the dose lowers your brain adjusts to the lower dose. When it is too fast it can't adjust and ends up struggling. The brain controls the nervous system, which controls everything and when they are out of sync so is everything else so it is much better to go slow and lose the weight slow. 


Here are some topics for you, but first, it will be good if you fill in your signature for us, we need start dates, doses  and any tapering of prescription drugs and supplements. 

The link will take you to the signature box, just fill it in and click save



Why taper? 






Tapering gabapentin



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any update Sherry?

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