On closer inspection you are right they do appear to be referring to written petitions as opposed to the on-line variety but I note that they do talk about on-line petitions elsewhere though they don't go into details about how you start one.   https://www.parliament.nz/en/pb/petitions/   There is a telephone number for the Clerk of the House of Representatives (04) 817 9999 perhaps they could help. We've had a lot of guidance from clerks at the Scottish Parliament, they've been very helpful. There is also an email address - Petitions@parliament.govt.nz - and for Copies of a Guide to "Making a Submission to a Parliamentary Select Committee" - www.parliament.nz. I hope that's of help to you nz. You would probably benefit from having someone to collaborate with because I appreciate this is quite a task for one person. I know that revealing you identity wouldn't be an easy decision to take.    You may have seen this video from Ian Singleton a withdrawal adviser at the Bristol Tranquilliser Project but he is clear that antidepressant withdrawal can be as prolonged if not more so than a benzo withdrawal. Given our prescribing rates for antidepressants I can see this being an ongoing problem in the future. Take care.