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Amyron: PSSD post SSRI sexual dysfunction

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I'm a 28 year old man from Greece. I am suffering from ssri side effects 8 years now. I think that Imight suffering from withdrawal symptom  (or Pssd). I don't know also if there is a difference.


I was diagnosed with OCD in 2009 and I was on Prozac from 2009 to 2014 daily on 60mg. On this time interval I have noticed that I had weak erections without paying real attention. But when I I had awful experiences with women where I didn't have enough erections then I realized that the prozac may be the cause. I haven't taken it since 2014.


Occassionally I was on zoloft to 20mg (the indicated dose for ocd) but I stopped them gradually.


Since April 2017 I am not taking any medication but I have to confess that I have to tackle severe side effects such as erectile dysfunction, muted or inability to orgasm I noticed also impaired seven quality and sometimes the quantity was insufficient  (almost zero).


I am in a bad situation and I feel regretful for taking these drugs. I preferred to have OCD (or whatever mental illness is this) rather than facing impotence and inability to have children.


Has anyone an idea about what am I supposed to do?

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Welcome, Amyron.


Sexual dysfunction is a very, very common side effect of antidepressants. After you went off Prozac in 2014, did you take other antidepressants? When did you take Zoloft? Did you go off Zoloft in April 2017?


If so, you are very recently off antidepressants. Recovery from the effects can be very gradual and frustrating, but we do see people regain sexual functioning after some time.

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How are you doing Amyron?

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