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Autoimmune encephalitis can mimic psychiatric disorders


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Researchers in autoimmune encephalitis think thousands of people might be misdiagnosed with psychiatric disorders, including psychosis, and treated inappropriately with psychiatric drugs when they have autoimmune encephalitis.


If your symptoms came on suddenly before you stated psychiatric drugs and those drugs never helped, you may wish to ask for a test for autoimmune encephalitis.



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This sounds exactly like what I was going through 4 years ago...


I started Effexor/venlafaxin august 2014: 1st year 75 mg 2nd year 37.5 mg.

Taper: first try 37.5 to 0 in one month. Second try: 18.75 to 0 in two months.

Completely off effexor since 26-11-2016 with severe withdrawals such as blurred/constrained vision, brain fog and vertigo.

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