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MiguelFreeman: question about Lexapro

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@brassmonkey tnx for replying so quickly i appreciate it I am currently finishing an internship in a car body shop and I am coming home exhausted + the thing I did of drinking again after like 3 months of not a single drop just makes thing worse I had that small drink in the past Friday and ruined my weekend and ruined this day also it's strange that it happens more when I come home from work 
I was afraid I had triggered some major wave 
but I am more relaxed by your reply but since that drink, I notice that my eyelid started twitching again after a long time of it not happening 
I believe it will pass even though it made me feel quite depressed now
I am also trying to cut down on smoking since quitting the ad my smoking habit got going 
I went from a few cigs a day to 15 a day 
today I was at work had finished my pack of cigarettes didn't have more and I looked like a mad man
I was soo on edge whit out the cigarettes that it even made a college just buy a pack to give some to me that's how bad it was 
I will now try to go back to vaping since it does not contain MOAI that cigarette contains 
that's ain't helping either considering that cigarettes have Smal amounts of MOAI nature present in the tobacco plant 
so my plan, for now, is just to take it easy on work and going back to meditation and just try to go easy on my shelf 
but also reducing tobacco consumptions because i haven't been feeling great since I started to smoke more 


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Hi all, I am here to ask for some advice so in the past 3 days I seem to have goten some kind of stomach flu that made me feel really weak, and my anxiety kind when true the roof  the symptoms I am getting reminded of the time I quited the ad cold turkey but not has harsh and it seems like is triggering me some PTSD of some sorts 

i also started taking a multivitamins since i was feeling a bit week for the past 2 weeks 


its been a while since i used this forum properly i was already drawing up my success stroy but lets hope this is not the ad wd flaring up now after 8 mouths 


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15 minutes ago, MiguelFreeman said:

f stomach flu

Sickness like the flu can definitely trigger withdrawal symptoms.


We don't recommend multivitamins because, among other reasons, the B vitamins they contain can be overstimulating and cause anxiety.  

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Hi,thank you for the repleys

had a crazy nightmare in the night  strange one 

whent back to sleep woke up whit a major panic attack  had that same feeling that i had in the pass of  a hot wave up and down my body and shaking 

was able to calm my shelf down,

after that i got up took  some omeprazol to help whit my stomach pain , tried to eat a bit more then yesterday  it was a bad decision in the end i eat less then the other day but atleast i didnt vomit 

took a bit of  valerian root  to help whit the anxiety 

got dressed to go to my internship since i had to go today i needed to give it a try 

failed quite hard i got there talked whit the boss he said no worries about missing 4 days of work since my internship is almost over they prob dont care  

stood around for 2 hours but i codent take the noise and the smells of paint and oils  and of burned metals 

so i talked to the boss left  came home 

and been just trying to keep eating  consistently 



still feeling quite weak and just wonna sleep all the time 

so keeping an eye on that  also made a doctors apointment  i need to do a check up since i havent done any bloodwork in like 1y  

and i still got informe her that i finaly made de jump  since last time i spoke whit her i still was taking the medication in a very low dose but still taking it at the time 

she supported me in tapering slow but she wanted me out of the medication since she noticed the bad side effects on me 

but anyways she knows i aint taking any more of this drugs  and my way of treating depression and anxieaty in case they return will be the nature way 

still working on my copin mechanism but i can say that whit the help and the information provided in this forum 

i have gained alot of way to cope and to get better 


hope you are all doing well 


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7 hours ago, MiguelFreeman said:

atleast i didnt vomit


Has this only started since you've been doing the internship?


7 hours ago, MiguelFreeman said:

i codent take the noise and the smells of paint and oils  and of burned metals 


This might be causing your new issues.

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 hi in regards of the first question I have been doing my internship for the past 8 months i am currently missing one weak and 2 days to end it 

just recently it started 


yesterday was the first time I step in the internship after I got sick and I do believe it might be causing some issues also


well update of today 

I got up didn't fell has bad of anxiety has yesterday

took my omeprazole

eat 5 salt biscuits and content eat no more, also took some valerian root 

after that when to my garden so sit there since I was not feeling good 

watched to about 3 hours of meditations music  

was able to take a nap

 I have noticed that my depression is back

but I shude have listened to the warning signs I was already not wanting to eat as much in the past 1 mouth  

but I believe the depression is being exaggerated by quitting smoking and quitting coffee at the same time 


I will look true the forum to find more coping mechanism, I was not expecting after 7 months and 5 days to start having symptoms again 

but now its time to heal naturally 


I am focusing right now is just to get my eating back to normal and not go down further 


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10 hours ago, MiguelFreeman said:

exaggerated by quitting smoking and quitting coffee at the same time


Congratulations on quitting smoking.  Even though the physical withdrawal from cigarettes is fairly short (I think) not having something to do (the action/routine of going outside to smoke, having something in your hand) may cause an increase in anxiety.

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15 hours ago, ChessieCat said:


Congratulations on quitting smoking.  Even though the physical withdrawal from cigarettes is fairly short (I think) not having something to do (the action/routine of going outside to smoke, having something in your hand) may cause an increase in anxiety.

yes i was preperede for that but i failed the anxieaty and depression caused by quiting was becoming a bit too mutch to fast 

so i relapsed and smoked ,i am thinking of going back to vaping,

but today i have notice a pattern my mornings suck i always wake up whit a bit of nausea and dont eat that mutch ,anxiety wise its better but now the depression is hitting me again ,and started to have introsive thoughts of harming myshelf, nothing new ,i dealt whit that the entire time i was on the drugs  so my plan for now is just take a day at a time and not panic still got 1 week of internship to go so i  will prob just chill around and not work that mutch after that i will only look for work when i am stable again ,i will prob start meditating daily again and stick whit it ,and my eating is still out of whack in the mornings i cant eat that mutch and i just wonna sleep but i will wake up a bit early to eat before i go to the internship so i have some time to calm down and do my best to not lose alot of wheight ,alteast for me i have noticen when i am having a bad wave of depression etc i tend to stop eating and isolate ,so i will try my best not to isolate  and will continue posting here in look for guidence 


Hope you doing well 

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later in the day i can eat alot better

also today around dinner time got those strong tinitues that i have been getting since i starter tapering and eventualy when i quit the contiune and i notice when they happen it marks a start of a wave or a end of  wave 


Dont know if has ever happen to you 

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hi hope you are all doing better and recovering like i am 

i have notice a pattern of healing i was able to go back to my internship and finish this last week , just missing 2 days now 

in terms of digestion its improving 

but the fatigue did improve but still there  feeling somewhat down 

but hey its part of the processe


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hi all just updating 
still going true the wave things are getting more manageable  
main symptoms are stomach pains (improving) muscle twitches (coming and going sometimes a bit intense ) some depression but not constant and Gastrointestinal distress also improving since I took some probiotics 
at least my waves have been somewhat not intense i did some mistakes ofc
did drink a single beer 1 week ago 
and did drink one or two cups of coffee in the last 2 weeks 
still trying not to smoke but I have considerably reduced to 1-3 cigarettes a day 
somedays I can actually not smoke 
sleeping wise kinda a mess 
recently  take a couple of hours to sleep even whit the help of valerian root 
at least can get 4-6 hours of sleep and then normally  lay in bed to try to sleep some more
but do need to get up to eat even though my body wanna stay in bed
 if I do  what my body tells me I will get worse since the acidity in my stomach does not let me go two long whits out eating 
ofc I had some suicidal thoughts but I have been able to deal whit them and accept that they are just thoughts and have no power 
and whats being helping the most is meditation and ofc reading success stories 

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