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dizzygrl: Anyone have swelling while on mirtazapine?


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I'm new here.  I have been on 3.75mgs mirtazapine for 3 months and in the last month I've had swelling of feet, ankles, puffy knee's, stomach and right arm.  I talk to my psychiatrist about 3 weeks about it as I saw in the med leaflet to call doc, he said oh just stop taking it, like no big deal.  I know that 3.75mgs is not alot but I'm very sensative to meds and this amount stops my anxiety, so I tried to stop taking it 3 weeks ago because he pdoc said its no big deal to just stop after 2 months at this dose, well I cut the 3.75 to a 1.88mg and started having anxiety and nausea so I went back to 3.75 as he said I could do, well the swelling isn't going away so I'm going to go off again.  


I wanted to know if anyone has had swelling and when you got off  the med did the swelling go away.  Of course having anxiety disorder is making me think this is something else.  I'm also hypothyroid and I have a vertigo disorder, which is what caused me to need the mirtazapine the vertigo got me so anxious I could barely function from the fear of it.  


I started 2 days ago with the tapering again to 1.88mgs and I'm hoping this time I don't have to many effects.  I know it sounds stupid to think that 3 months on 3.75mgs would cause any problem, but being that is med is hard to get off of and just stopping it could be bad.  I figured even at 3.75mgs it being what worked for me there could be withdrawl.  


Thanks for any feedback about swelling issue and tapering.



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Welcome, dizzygirl.


Here's the official FDA information about mirtazapine https://www.drugs.com/pro/mirtazapine-orally-disintegrating-tablets.html  Swelling is not specifically mentioned, but Googling "mirtazapine swelling" brings up many anecdotal reports of this side effect.


You can reduce by an amount smaller than 50% -- in fact, we recommend decreases of 10% to avoid withdrawal symptoms. What are the withdrawal symptoms you got? Did anxiety and nausea start at any particular time of day?


Since you're taking such a small amount, you may wish to make a liquid with your mirtazapine tablet. Here's our topic about how to reduce mirtazapine by very small amounts Tips for tapering off Remeron (mirtazapine)


Are you taking any other drugs? If so, put ALL the drugs you take into the Drug Interactions Checker and copy and paste the results in this topic.



This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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Hi, I'm new this group. I have been on mirts for 3 months taking 3.75mgs, and about 8 weeks in i noticed swelling in my feet and ankles, so I tried to go off of it, my psychiatrist said it was ok to just stop the med being it was such a low dose that it didn't matter.  I know people think its a low dose but I only take low doses of med because i'm very sensitive.  Anyway I had read the horror stories of this med so I went down to 1.88mgs for a couple of days and the anxiety slammed me, call the the pdoc and he said ahead and start them again, so I did.  A couple of weeks later noticed swelling stil there and started having some anxiety about that then the next thing i noticed are my legs are aching all the time, went to chiropractor he thinks never, not me I think the mirts.  So I decide to come off of it, so I tapered again to 1,88mgs for 2 weeks and then stopped.  Well i'm on day 5 of no meds and feel so bad, the legs are still aching, in both legs and lower back, thighs ache in the mornings really bad, shoulders are very tight and sore to the touch.  Still swelling in the ankles. I went to my GP today, who said he doesn't think the mirts caused the swelling, but it could be the propranolol I'm on or just to much salt, but he doesn't think  its the mirts.  He said to stay off of it for a week and see if the swelling goes and things calm down.  


I don't know if how I'm feeling is do to coming off the mirtz,  muscles aches through my legs, arms, shoulders and neck, dizziness, aggitated at times, get very anxious out of nowhere worse that I had before and lasts longer, some panic feelings in the chest, headaches, stressed feeling in the shoulders, tense feelings, depressed feelings.  I have never taken anti d's, but have tried them but had awful effects so couldn't stay on them.  Does all the side effects sound normal when coming off mirts?  How long will they last, I was only them for 3 months how could this cause all this?  Is the muscle pain and stiffness normal?  What can i do to help with all this?  I'm seeing the psych doc tomorrow, but since he doesn't think there is any withdrawl on the med, how am I suppose to handle that?  


I honestly could not believe that coming off this med for a short time of taking it could cause anything and further it lasting for weeks, I always though once the meds out of the blood, its out.  How can it

continue to cause all these horrible things I've read about?  


Thanks for any help you can give.  I'm really worried about all this.



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Hi. you shoould read the sticked topics, this is a good start :


Your pdoc like the 99% of his collegues knows nothing about the medium-long term of these molecules in vivo and all the adaptivity the body undergoes after you take them (neurotransmitter and receptors adjustments).



Mirtazapine is not an SSRI but also affect noradrenalide circuit.

Some of the symptoms you listed are common among us damaged by ssri, some others could be addressed to the messing of noradrenaline .

you should still investigate for the cause of the swelling, maybe not from a pdoc.


sadly no one can say how much it will last.because the science does not know.

 you just have to pray and hope.

On the bright side you took a low dose for a short time, so it's possible symptoms will go away faster.



p.s. if i was you i would cut every bridge with chiropractors and "occult" practices, and turn to God.

These things make you connect with entities you don't know (demons) and are against first commandment.

Ask God to free you from whatever you got and cut every link with occult.



Hope the best for you





I'm sorry, didn't write a proper diary and my memory is very bad, can't remember exactly all dosages . Here is a short summary

Drugged since i was 11 yo.

Prescribed several SSRI, neuroleptics, mood stabilizers, benzos.Last prescription was lithium, lamotrigine , 20 mg paroxetine, rivotril

Tapered fast lithium and lamotrigine with little to no symptoms 3 years ago.Since then i'm tapering paroxetine and going through withdrawal syndrome. My tapering was not   stable and that's probably the cause of a lot of acute symptoms i had .

Currently at 0.8 mg of paroxetine

Trying now a micro-taper of 0.02 cuts

15/07/2017 tapered to 0.74  (having waves and windows. Cognitive impairment, akathisia, apathy, anxiety, vision problems, depression, paranoia, obsessive toughts, extreme fatigue,  and some more: all comes in waves except vision problems wich are persistent)

08/09/2017 0.72 mg 28/09/2017 0.70 mg



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