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☼ Callie: venlafaxine XR or Effexor XR - hoping to be well someday


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On 10/8/2021 at 5:23 AM, Callie said:

Hello, tsranga,


I want you to know that I saw your post earlier this week, yet I have not been able to devote the time and effort to responding to your questions as thoughtfully as I would like and in a way you deserve. Please forgive me.


My elderly mother-in-law is gravely ill, and I have spent just about every waking moment over the last 2 weeks helping my husband attend to her needs. She will be placed in hospice today, so please know that by no means have I carelessly ignored you. Your concerns have been on my mind since I saw your post, and I only regret that I didn't drop a quick note like this earlier in the week. So please, again, forgive me.


I will definitely get back to you and answer your questions as best as I can. In the meanwhile, please know that I do care very much about you; so hang in there!!!



Thank you so much for responding. Please take your time - I completely understand.

Chronic IBS since 1990

Former smoker (1992- Jun 2017)

Prescribed mirtazapine for sleep in Aug 2017 after IBS flare-up following Nicotine cessation.

Mirtazapine 7.5mg 8/17 to 5/18

Mirtazapine 3.75mg 5/18 to 1/19

Off Mirtazapine since 2/19.

Vit B, Vit D+K2 and Magnesium Glycinate as needed.

On Ayurvedic herbs for GI issues - Guduchi since Jul 2020, Indukantham since Oct 2020

On Ashwagandha 1g since Nov 2020



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