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For Danish members, please read this


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Hi all danish members

Im writing the rest of the topic in danish, because i need somebody nearby to help me. 

Situationen er som følger: Jeg bor på et bosted hvor jeg nok skal bo et eller flere år endnu da jeg venter på en bolig. Jeg har været tvunget til at tage medicin det sidste 1 og et halvt år, eller bliver jeg smidt ud. Jeg er ved at være rigtig dårlig af det. Jeg leder efter en læge i nærheden (bor i Roskilde) der kan hjælpe mig med at trappe ud, enten nu eller når jeg flytter væk herfra.  Mine recovery chancer bliver mindre og mindre og dermed også muligheden for at flytte væk herfra.enhver anden form for hjælp bliver modtaget med kyshånd. 

Knus Sara

When I was 15 years old i had a kundalini rising. It was a wake up call from what I had been my whole life, a person who always did what others told me to do and never loved anyone. I was a very scared child because my mother was always very worried. In december 2010 i got locked in a psychiatric hospital. I was there for almost a half year, they felt they could do nothing to help me. Then I got locked in again i august 2011 and got the strongest antipsuchotic drug there is, Cisordinol, its not allowed in the US. I was a zombie for one year, my psychologist said I had got a prefrontal lobotomy, that I had PTSD and the the only thing worse was war torture. My parents did nothing else than bullying me with the things i couldn´t. For a couple of years, I did nothing. I mourned over my life who I had lost and time flew as it does to those who had lost their sence of time. In december 2014 I was close to death because of the drugs. From around march 2015 things started to turn the right way for me, my near death experience was a wake up call for me, I was filled with love and accept and I met my boyfriend. I was also at a psychiatric hospital again from january 2015 to september 2015. When I got out I thought that now was my life starting to go the right way for me. I stopped with the medication from one day to another and it was the worst mistake I ever made. I was in withdrawal and I started to forget and it just continued to be worse and it still does. Along with that I got locked in again from january 2016 to may 2016. I had no other choise than to take medication otherwise they would let me do nothing. The place where I live now forces me to take medication, otherwise I cant live there and I have nowhere else to live. I had left my first boyfriend despite i still loves him and believes that we one day can be together again but I felt that he didnt understood what I was going through. I have a new friend/ boyfriend who I feel understands my feelings and that it is okay to be sad and frustrated. Whenever my mom is visiting me I just wanna vomit and thats one of my main problems. Please write to me if you find me interesting or you have experienced something similar to me.

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Hej Sara, jeg håber du allerede har fået hjælp. Ellers vil jeg anbefale dig at tjekke Peter Gøtzches hjemmeside, hvor der er navne på læger, der hjælper med udtrapning.


De bedste ønsker,



Began Paxil in 2003 plus Trazodone to sleep. Tapered off as per doctor's suggestion in less than two months i.e. CT. Got zapped and depressed/anxious worse than before.

Got on Cymbalta in 2005. Cross tapered to 20mg lexapro from 2005, Tapered off fast/CT and took amino acids, total crash.

Started Lexapro in 2008 and got to 45 mg before full "effect"

Erfa thyroid and organic paleo food, lots of healthy fat, no gluten/dairy. Depression lifted.

Tapered off Lexapro from 45 mg since March 2015. Came off Lexapro fully  in summer of 2016. Reinstated at 1mg.

CBD oil plus small dosis THC.

Switched to Celexa 2mg and tapered slowly to 0,05 over a year with a liquid formulation. Jumped off and crashed horribly again! 

Am now at 0,00125. Will taper slowly down to an almost non-existing dosage and then either jump off or keep going lower and lower and lower until...

As of July 29th 2019 I am med free and just fine. I jumped off at 1/1000 mg. 

As of July 7th 2020 I am feeling great and just here for a check in. 

Current dose: 0,000.

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Suggestions of names of therapists from a member for Denmark:


2006 : 20mg Paxil+Bromazepam. 2008 : cold turkey of both. 2010 : Reinstatement 20mg Paxil + Bromazepam.

2014-June2017 : Switch from Bromazepam to Prazepam, slow taper to 0mg.

2018 to August 2019 : Paxil 20mg taper (3% every 15 days). 22 Aug 2019 updose to 10mg (was at 8.4mg).

25th Sept 2019 To April 2020 : found SA, holding at 10mg Paxil. 

April 2020 : Paxil 10mg to Prozac 7mg bridge. Details topic/21457


Current Supplements : magnesium citrate + fish oil

Current medication :

* 7pm Diazepam  : 0.85mg (15 Aug 2022) / 0.95 mg (24 April 2022) / 1mg Diazepam (since 29 Aug 2020)

* 8am Prozac : 6.16mg (25 oct 2022, feel awful, slight updose) / 6.08 mg (9 oct 2022) / 6.24mg (11 July 22) / 6.44mg (22 May 22) / 6.64mg (4 Nov 21) / 6.72mg (8 oct 21) / 6.8 mg (15 Sept 21)6.88mg (14 Aug 21)/ 6.92mg (23 Jun 21)


I am not a professional, I don't give medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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