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Kait: Half of 75mg

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Hello! I am currently tapering off of 75mg Effexor XR using the 10% method and holding each dose for 3-4 weeks. I’m coming up on half of the amount of beads in my 75mg.


Believe it or not, but my 75mg ranges from 235-290 beads inside each capsule. I have averaged out 8 capsules when I started and the average amount is 266 beads. So I have been using that as my baseline for removing by 10%. Currently, in my tapering schedule I am removing 115 beads in each capsule. I have been removing beads like this:







So the amount of beads I take each day is different. The size difference in beads varies a lot and I make sure there’s a good amount of all sizes of what I’m ingesting. I’m honestly not even sure if I’m doing this correctly and should be counting what I’m taking, rather than what I’m throwing away. (?)


What my main question is...


Since I average about 266 beads can I switch to 37.5mg capsules once I’m taking on average 133 beads (1/2 of 266) I’d like to hold at 37.5mg through the holidays as I am busiest at work during this time and I will be traveling a lot and don’t want to deal with withdrawals.


Is half the amount of beads in a 75mg capsule truly 37.5mg?


I don’t put anything past Effexor, and really want to do this safely and effectively. 

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.:)

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Welcome, Kait.


All good questions! You might find that weighing your Effexor will give you more consistent results. See Using a digital scale to measure doses


Once you get to half the weight of the beads in the 75mg capsule, you could switch to the 37.5 capsule.


Thank you for tapering so conscientiously.

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Kait any update?

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I made the switch from 1/2 reduced beads of the 75mg to 37.5mg in November. I held my dose over the holidays to get me through my busy season at work and traveling for the holidays. Will resume a 10% taper shortly. Thanks for asking!

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