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Parachuting Medication

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Now, Im not sure how safe this is, but I learned something new. 


Im currently getting off Paxil, and since I have the pills that have the powder inside them, it can be hard to crush them, weigh them and then somehow ingesting them.


I have a friend who though unfortunate illicit use, gave me a way to ingest the powder without the bad taste and the burning of the throat...

It is called "parachuting"


You take a toilet paper piece, split it so its very very thin, then put it on the scale and of course set the scale to zero so it does not weigh the toilet paper...then you pt the powder in the middle of the toilet paper... then when you have the measurements you need, you carefully grab the pointy edges of the paper you have and make a sort of powder ball, then tilt your head back and put it in and drink tons of water so it goes down immediately. 


My explanation might be a bit confusing so I suggest googling it perhaps?


Now DISCLAIMER:  Im NOT a doctor, and Im not sure if this is safe so use at your own risk. If you or any mods know that this is unsafe, you can take this post down or if you can ask me to I will I just thought this information could be useful. 

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This is another way of getting a drug using paper instead of capsules. As long as it is wrapped up into a tight ball it can be done but people need to be very careful which paper they use. Toilet paper can be treated with harmful chemicals. Cigarette papers can be an alternative as they are made for oral use.  

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