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Article on antidepressants in the Scottish newspaper The Herald.


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The Herald recently featured an article on antidepressants which I think is pretty good. 




For those of you who don't know a group of us have submitted a petition to the Scottish Parliament asking that they take action on Prescription Drug Dependence primarily relating to antidepressants and benzodiazepines so this is good publicity for us. Currently the petition is at the committee stage and awaiting further consideration.





Apparently the newspaper is running a campaign about Scotland's problems with prescribed psychotropic drugs so we hope this will keep up the pressure on the Scottish Government. Fingers crossed.

1979 put on Clomipramine.
Failed attempt to withdraw from Clomipramine started on Seroxat 1992.
1997 Effexor replaces Seroxat after failed withdrawal.
2011 fail to withdraw from Effexor despite combined use of Prozac and Seroquel. Started on Cymbalta.
Anxiety not resolved by Cymbalta so taper off by 28th March 2012. Left on 10mg Buspirone and 1 quarter of 5mg Diazepam.
Anxiety at times very severe. 19th May take my first half of a 5mg Lamictal.

As of 5/11/2013, off all psychiatric drugs. Doing better but hope for more healing yet.

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