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Hi F4P ,lovely and tragic piece of writing ,I'm enraged reading it , because what I know of these drugs ,I have warned anyone I know especially my brother [has a daughter ] about these drugs. I'm so strongly against it that I've warned my brother that I would bring him to court to stop doctors ever touching my niece .these drugs are the biggest disgrace along with the atom bomb to ever come out of the egotistical dark minds of humans .there is no difference to street drugs with these meds .


I find it interesting that when we see on the news that a car model has a defect ,you hear of thousands being recalled ,but the drugs harm so many .


What happened to you at 12 is abuse without question .

I welcome and see the day in the future that psychiatry and medication  will be treated like the catholic church and Weinstein and Saville ,there past will catch up with them and the industry will be for ever shaken .you see I have a perspective on it from the point that last November a prescription was given to me for Zyprexa and hospital admission  ,I refused it and I have proved I never needd it and I will tell this doctor to wake up when I speak to him in the future [I'm surprised he's not in a dilemma already about he's job because he follows Eckhart tolle ].

Good on ye for being so open and honest ,I believe there is a huge movement on the way against this industry and powers that be .

Total respect .


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