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Inspiring conversation on the critism and future of health care

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Pam Popper, ND, PhD is the nutritionist who has vastly improved my life and my wife Ginger’s life. We have a wide-ranging talk about the similar problems in medicine, psychiatry and nutrition, most of which are driven by industrial profit making instead of sound ethics and science.   Pam and I share our mutual critiques and our vision for how it should be in these life-saving fields that too often ruin lives.   Hear about our cosponsored conference November 10-12, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio, including two talks by me and two by the amazing Peter Gøtzsche, MD from Denmark.  Peter is a real scientist , a profound critic of conventional medicine and psychiatry, and a wildly entertaining speaker; you don’t want to miss him.




I believe its a must to empower ourselves in moving forward in our recovery and lives and be aware there's great people out there paving the way ahead .


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