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hellomynameis: Taper: One down, two to go . . .

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I have had OCD and GAD since childhood and panic disorder since I was 30 years old. I am 48, and this summer completed a taper from Luvox. I plan to taper off other meds under doctor supervision but am currently considering when to schedule tapers since teaching and tapering may not mix. The Luvox taper was diifcult indeed but was not the beast it might have been had I moved too quickly. 


I have experienced a long road of meds, cessation of meds, and new meds followed by the old meds, and I have been in periodic therapy for many years. I am currently working with self-guided CBT and mindfulness. Several of the OCD symptoms have intensified, so I am willing to do the work. I am literally terrified of stoping the Xanax; my panic attacks were debilitating and drove me to telecommute for years. However, I want to leave anything close to a benzo behind me.


Thank you all for sharing your experiences and for this forum.


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Hey Hello. Welcome to Surviving Antidepressants ( SA ) . I hope you don't mind me asking why you want to taper off all meds? It's always helpful to have a specific reason/ goal for tapering. Did you have certain side effects that didn't suit you?  What was your original reason for medication?


How did you taper the Luvox? Was it doctor - directed? How long did it take? Was it alternate dosing? How long had you been you taking it for ? How were the symptoms?


How often do you take Xanax? How many times per day? What time of the day?


Thanks for doing a signature however if you could add the extra information - that would be great.


This is your thread to journal , ask questions and interact with the community. I'm glad you found us as we're here to support you. As we get to know you and your history we can work together to gradually move you forward towards your goal of eventually tapering off all psych medications.


Thanks in advance,


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Hi Hello,

Any update.

Are you able to answer ALiG's questions. 

Do you have any questions of your own.

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