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Improving cognition during healing


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One of the things that helped me get my BRAIN function back was using brain training games/exercises. There is one i use but wont mention it here bc I dont think its allowed. It really helped and I still use it--its affordable and easy to use.  On top of brain training/exercises, it was very important for me to eat clean, take certain nutrients, keep my blood sugar balanced, meditate, etc. i remember I had so many thinking issues i often felt mentally retarded. Things have gotten much better. Mental exercises, physical exercises, and other things can help with your healing...yoga was another one that was great! 

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4 hours ago, bruno2016 said:

i remember I had so many thinking issues i often felt mentally retarded.


Yes, I've had times where I have felt like this.  I have been doing puzzles, brain training games etc over the last couple of years and I think it has helped me to regain brain function.  Even some of what are termed "mindless" games have helped because in many of them you still have to plan what you are going to do.


I have found recently that I haven't been able to do a jigsaw puzzle, and I've been doing jigsaws all my life.  My brain just doesn't seem to see a piece and be able to turn it around.  And that reminds me that I've had times where I haven't been able to scan text and glean the most important points, which is possibly a related area of the brain.


I've realised lately that I had lost my imagination, but that seems to be returning.  The other day I was making up a silly song which I often used to do when my children were small.


I think I'll have a "Welcome Home Brain" celebration.


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