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Caution: Adrenal cocktail - cream of tartar, orange juice OJ, Himalayan sea salt


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The adrenal cocktail of cream of tartar, orange juice (OJ) and Himalayan sea salt has been mentioned a few times on SA in members' topics.




If you are healthy, cream of tartar (aka potassium tartarate) at 1 tsp/day total = 500mg (1/2 tsp 2x/day) with OJ should provide no harm at all. Daily amount needed 3400mg.

Those suffering from Addison’s disease, diabetes, acute renal failure, are on dialysis, or for those undergoing treatments that prevent the excretion of potassium from the body through urine should not use cream of tartar.  If you suffer from any cardiac, kidney, or electrolyte issues, or suffer from severe low blood pressure, or multiple health conditions you are medicated for, you should consult with your doctor/HCP before adding extra potassium bitartrate to your daily diet. When speaking to your HCP, please give both names: cream of tartar, & potassium bitartrate.


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