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"Irreparable damage from Seroxat"


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This APPEARED in the Daily Mail Today in the UK, ok the first part discusses Breast Implants, towards the middle it discusses products made by Glaxo Smith Kline,

namely its biggest money spinner SEROXAT or Paxil, it also discusses Viox and another drug too.


My question is at the bottom of the page of the comments section, where i notice 2 entries made by diffrent people both of whom claim

" irreperable damage " from |Seroxat.


One of these people i know , can anyone else attest to irreparable damage, if so maybe you would like to add your comments to this page also.

Began taking 30mg Seroxat on 15th Jan 1997 for grief issues. Remained at that dosage until Dec 05, did doctor ct, akathesia set in along with being non functional and overly emotional, brain fog. Doctor prescribed prozac, propranelol and diazeapam to counteract side effects, and told me to ct those 3 after 2.5/3 months use, induced wd seizure on 2nd day after ct. Was reinstated on seroxat 20mg in april 06, remained at that dose until Nov 07 and began a very slow taper lasting 56 months, finally DRUG FREE on 11th may 2011.

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