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Dan Fisher/Open Dialogue Program in Mass?


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I heard this on a Madness Radio Podcast (date unknown) in which Will Hall interviewed Dan Fisher. Dr. Fisher said that he was working on replicating the "Open Dialogue" Program in Massachusetts that Robert Whitaker wrote about that takes place in Finland.




Anyone else heard about this? I couldn't find anything on his website about it so if I have missed something, please forgive me.


By the way, I had never heard him interviewed before. For those of you not familiar with his story, he was hospitalized in the 60s with a diagnosis of schizophrenia before he became a psychiatrist. He would talk about situations during his training where he would know how to reach patients that other psychiatrists had no clue how to deal with due to his own experiences. They would wonder how the heck he knew what to do which brought a big smile to my face. Of course, he didn't share his story.


He talked about another situation where he refused to medicate a patient he had admitted. Unfortunately, after 5 days, he was forced to do it by his supervisor. When he told the person he was forced to and had no choice, she still forgave him and felt he had done more for her than any other professional she had dealt with.



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