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Withdrawal syndrome advice request


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I posted on October 7th for advice on difficulties I was having withdrawing from

mirtazapine (night time anxiety, palpitations and related insomnia). It was suggested that I restart the

antidepressants and do a slow taper but I instead stupidly decided to try to tough it out. Now, after 18 weeks off, my difficulties have, if anything, intensified and my doctor agrees this may be withdrawal syndrome.  (When I did take a dose of mirtazapine everything resolves. Also I didn’t have these issues before starting mirtazapine). He proposes helping me stabilise by prescribing trazodone (50mg) for a period rather than reinstating a low dose of mirtazapine 7.5mg), given that it seems to have caused the problem in the first place.  Does anyone have a view on whether there is any advantage in going back on the mirtazapine instead of trazodone to stabilise then slowly tapering off that?  Or are there any other better options? 


Any views you can give me are much appreciated. 





Nov 12 - March 2014: 10mg Citalopram 


March 2014 - 30 Jan 2016: 20mg Citalopram 


30 Jan 16 - 25 June: 15mg mirtazapine 


26 June 17 - 30 July 17: 7.5mg mirtazapine 

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