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My son on Zyprexa

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I've been off effexor since Dec 2011(i was a long term antidepressant user..since the 1980's.) I was diagnosed with a crohns like condition (couldn't gain weight, not digesting food. So in NY,1984 or 85 they put me on whatever they had in those days. I still had my bowel/digestive system problems. Over the years we had to change, up medication, I had divorce traumas, and then my oldest had a drug induced psychotic break. He and his friends ingested an inordinate amount of mushrooms, plus and abortion with his girlfriend. His personality changed.


Now he barely leaves his bedroom, 14 years later, and won't talk to me.I'm trying to get him off..but the neuroleptic toxicity has stymied him-I'm managing this move back to calif. to try and convince him and his father that the zyprexa has caused this damage.


I'm on orthomolecular treatment, exercising,knitting,crocheting, dancing trying to keep busy here in Calif. I do get weepy, but I remember that I was this way-even worse-on the antidepressants.And am sad, grieving with good reason.

I miss my beautiful son who used to hug, and kiss me, laugh, play music, and enjoy life.

That's gone.

Yet I remain steadfast in my mission. Anyone out there who can relate, identify...????share..

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Hi, cvorias, I moved your post here, to the Family section.


There are people here with relatives and friends on psychiatric drugs who will surely respond.


Are you moving back to California to be closer to your son? How long have you been apart? Does he live with his father?

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I can't imagine how heartbreaking this must be for you and your family ~i applaud your statement that you are sadand heartbroken "for good reason"~that acknowledgment is so critical IMHO

Can you tell us more about when he retreated and any other med history

There are certain antipsychotics that have that effect more than others although usually the older typical APs ~areyou working with a doc in CA yet

My husband has retreated from life quite a bit on ADs but is still functional (depending on how you define that of course)

APs are a different league but are actually a bit more understood by docs ~

Anything you can recall about his retreat into himself could be helpful

When did the psychedelic /mushroom event occur in relation to the initiation of Zyprexa ¶

Barb in SCa

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I'm really sad to hear about your son's problem. I've been on zyprexa and it crippled me, so much so that I never suspected the medication. I was on many meds during that period but zyprexa, my gut says, was the worst of them all.


Also, I knew a person who had a pschotic episode induced by hallucigenic mushrooms -- we were co-inmates at the psychiatric hospital. He had other issues and maybe those made him more susceptible to a break but he improved a lot. I wish I knew how to contact him.


Everything that youve been through, I'm so very sorry. Try not to give up hope that things can't be better some day. The future often gives us gifts we were not anticipating.




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I was on Zyprexa for several years. It was one of a six med cocktail I was on to treat PTSD.


Of the six meds, Zyprexa was by far the worst drug I took. I became a zombie. I had blackouts. I gained a considerable amount of weight. All I wanted to do was eat cake and cookies and lay in bed. It stole my personality and my soul. The only reason I was on it was because the AD Celexa made me manic.

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It's unbelievable that Zyprexa is still on market after the lawsuits and known serious risks and no unique advantages that I'm aware of

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