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LiaJ: Overwhelmed by the deluge of information but no real answers

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Hi there,


Back after a long hiatus. I attempted to make a liquid suspension last night of a Remeron Soltab and feel today like I skipped an entire dose. Not the greatest feeling!

The tablets are orally disintegrating and are 15 mg tablets. I crushed the tab, mixed it with 7.5 mgs of purified water and 7.5 mgs of Oral suspending fluid for a 1:1 compound. Not sure where I went wrong. I've been weighing tablets on a milligram scale and have failed my last three reductions, which is why I thought to switch to a liquid suspension. 


Can someone please explain to me the metric for identifying on a milligram scale how many milligrams I'm actually taking every night? Since I've been making reductions by weight and not by milligrams I think I might be grossly mistaken how many milligrams I'm actually taking every night. I'm not great at math so a little assistance would be awesome, thank you kindly!

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Hi, Lia. Your math looks correct.


When you make this kind of suspension, you have to make sure it's well mixed. With the Ora-Plus liquid, you may have to gently stir it for a while.


If you get bubbles in it, you'd need to let them settle out, then gently stir to be sure the drug is distributed throughout the liquid.


Could it be you had bubbles in your liquid?

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