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Depression as a Natural Condition & More on Big Pharma


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Here's an interesting article from today's New York Times: http://tinyurl.com/777bt8v

I find it really bothersome that the woman described in the third paragraph is seen as abnormal and in need of medication. I think she's having a perfectly normal reaction to being dumped by her husband. Apparently a lot of doctors aren't at all familiar with the stages of grieving, to the detriment of many patients. Frankly, I was far worse shape than this woman after my second divorce, and I think most people in that situation go through a period of temporary craziness.


And here's another article I just love: http://tinyurl.com/7t8qj6l

It looks like Big Pharma is going to have to cough up some numbers regarding payments to doctors. I really, really hope this law goes through!!!

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You might like the article Depression's Upside by jonah Lehrer in the Media section

Evolutionary psychology makes so much sense to me ~it's not an easy way to view life but to me the pieces fit •

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