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VitaminB: slow Clozaril taper

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I wanted to start a new thread for a new drug. I switched from seroquel to clozaril a year ago. I slowly tapered down from 300mg to 275mg this summer. There is a lot of drooling at night which is embarrassing to admit, but it happens on this drug. Clozaril has a low occurrence of movement disorders and I don't have any movements at all. 


My p-doc noticed the 25mg change in dose though blood tests. Clozaril requires blood tests to check to see if the  blood level of clozaril is at a "therapeutic dose." (Also to see if you have a white blood cell problem.) I told her I was cutting a 100mg tablet in half and then shaving off tiny bits with an exacto knife and getting to the correct dosage amount with a gem scale. She discouraged me from doing it by bringing up my last hospital stay. I have to admit that I was on the "neuro genetic solutions" plan and going off seroquel way to fast when I ended up in the hospital. There were some other facts going into it too, but I will leave those off the internet. 


I have been on a streak of 142 days in a row of meditation. I have the app "Headspace" and it is really helpful to log in everyday. I am also sitting without any apps for 18 additional minutes that is going up slowly over time. I read an article from the New York Times linked from  beyondmeds.com that these meds can cause a 1% decrease in brain matter every tear. I am sitting in meditiation and hoping that neuroplasticity will keep my poor prefrontal cortex in better shape then the slow slide down of doing nothing. 





Listen to more experienced people about supplements, I am sharing what seems to be working for me.


So here I am on one of the oldest anti-psychotics. I am still taking supplements. My multi-vitamin is Pure Encapsulations brand's, "O.N.E. Multivitamin." It has CoQ10 and an easily digestible form of riboflavin. The book "Drug Muggers" from Suzy Cohen RPh says that CoQ10 and B2 are "mugged" from the body from anti-psychotics. (Anti-depressants have a different set of nutrients that get mugged.) The multivitamin is expensive, but it covers a lot of bases. If you can see a functional medicine doctor they might be able to get you a discount. I take a "Swanson Vitamin" brand "strontium complex" that has vitamin D and vitamin K-2. My vitamin D tests finally got out of deficiency levels by introducing K-2 to the mix. 








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1 hour ago, VitaminB said:

I wanted to start a new thread for a new drug


Sorry ya cant do that ...its only one intro thread per person...ingenious idea eh ..then your whole story is trapped in one place and not scattered all over the show. Makes your iatrogenic harm recovery journey easy to follow.


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Can I change the name of my thread? 

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