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neroli: Is this benzo withdrawal, or other drugs interacting

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8 hours ago, wantrelief said:

sorry to read that you are going through a difficult time.

Thank you, Wantrelief.  What a lovely kind message to send - and for giving me a boost.  Surprisingly, I just don't know how this works, I had an ok day today - felt steadier on my legs, went to work and stayed til 4.00pm and still feel reasonable now I'm home, not as wiped out as I was yesterday and the legs less "twangy".  It wasn't even as if I had a solid night's sleep, got up at 3 for the toilet and had heartburn so took some bicarb in water.  I think I probably slept a little more until 4 and then it was a light doze to one of those meditation music things - 

then up as usual at 5.45.  There is no rhyme or reason that today should have been better - I was even able to crack a joke or two.  Baffles me!


So, I'll take the good day when it happens.


Lovely to hear from you


Arohanui (https://maoridictionary.co.nz/search?idiom=&phrase=&proverb=&loan=&histLoanWords=&keywords=arohanui)


Neroli 💜


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1 hour ago, Rabe said:

I feel blessed to have you on this journey my friend!

Dear Rabe


You will have me splashing tears all over my laptop!  Blessed!  crikey - thank you so much.  Maybe in all this unwanted journey we do find ourselves appreciating  people more. I have certainly experienced more kindness than I thought possible, in my local life here and on this forum.


Much love and best wishes to you - keep on keeping on


Neroli 💜

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