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Changing diets/foods too lesson sysmtoms


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Hi I would appreciate anyone's input on the subject  of foods/diet to lesson symptoms and any evidence this has worked for them .

I myself have been a couple of months on a plant based wholes foods diet  and I cant claim this has eased any symptoms .


I just got finished watching a video that claims cutting down or eliminating gluten is great for mental heath/anxiety symptoms  so this looks to be my next hope .Actually he talked about the histamine effect that I've heard talked about before.  

Any input would be welcomed thanks in advance because quite frankly I'm at my wits end with this process .


This is a video I just watched that has me thinking .

Thanks folks .

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I eliminated gluten for a while and can't say it made any difference in my symptoms.  I'm sure it's an individual thing.  I read that Dr. Kelly Brogan has her patients eliminate gluten as part of her treatment.  I get anxiety symptoms from sugar and even very sweet fresh fruit.

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Thanks Gridley for your feedback ,I'm having a particularly bad day and week from hell .my next thing will have to look into gluten free .

I hope your well . 

Alcohol free since February 2015 

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