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Prof Healy - v- trickcyclists (Scottish story today)

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Thanks Peng


Be interesting to know the extent of Dr Jane Morris's ties to pharma. As a consultant she would no doubt have strings attached somewhere.

How many journal articles ,books has she written and how many times has she been called as an expert witness in ad court cases? 

Why do they always give these performing seals the last say. Which is often the voice that sticks in peoples minds.

Be good to ask her for a reference for one of these 'many studies' .

Suppose if requested she would just say Study 329 i guess.

Dr Morris, a consultant psychiatrist at Aberdeen's Royal Cornhill Hospital, said she was "absolutely astonished" by the way Prof Healy had interpreted the literature on antidepressants.

She said there were many studies that demonstrated antidepressant drugs can be the most effective treatment for young people with depressive disorders.

But she said it was important to see whether the benefits of the medication outweighed the risks.

Dr Morris said people should not alarmed by the rise in the number of people accessing treatment.

"We should regard that in fact as part of the catch-up period that some people with these incredibly distressing, and ultimately life-threatening disorders, are now getting the help that they need," she said.



'incredibly distressing....life threatening disorders;'   sounds like she is describing wdl symptoms of these drugs!

incredibly, ultimately...  pharma marketing dept. ?


"What a terrible message it is  that when a teenager is going through the trauma of growing up we tell them they are ill. And that they have to turn to something outside of themselves to get better." Newman 2016

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