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Any supplement good for short term memory loss


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I previously worked as a casino supervisor. Besides being entertaining, my job included meeting and memorizing new peoples names each day, along with a lengthy id number in the case of regulars. And I was decent at it on-the-fly.


However once I started taking this medication, risperidone, my ability to think straight was servery impaired.


For example: walking to my computer to research something, I'm interrupted by my cat leaping at me from the computer chair. This much redirection is enough to make me forget what I was attempting to do. Now, I understand this is not an uncommon thing, but it occurs with alarming frequency since starting my medication. I'm hoping they will occur less since I've begun my tapering.


I'm aware of several tricks used in improving say, memorizing lists of unrelated things through storytelling or doing brain teasers everyday. Decreasing stress is also supposed to aid in better recall. But I'm wondering if anyone has seen basic improvement in recall areas using supplements. Starting fish oil supplements really got me thinking there could be an aid in this area as well.


Quick research points to increasing the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine.  Supplements that increase acetylcholine are types of choline, which is found in eggs. Besides eating five dozen eggs a day like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, I was hoping someone had tried Alpha GPC or Citicoline supplements. Did anyone noted/dismissed their effectiveness?


Also, not a fan of eggs.

Risperidone 2mg twice daily from June 2016 Oct/November: 1mg; December: .75mg Jan. .5 Feb: OFF

Benztropine Mesylate 0.5mg twice daily August 2016 - stopped.

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Getting interrupted and forgetting something I experience quite regularly even though I used to have a memory the size of an Elephant. You might find that an Omega 3 supplement does indeed help with memory and concentration. B vitamins may also help with cognition but most people find them too activating, especially those tapering Psychiatric medication. You could also try Ginkgo Biloba, but be careful if you are on anticoagulants as they can thin the blood further.


Oh and don't forget Aerobic exercise, undoubtedly the BEST tool in your armoury for improving cognition.

May 2007 - October 2007 Citalopram 20 mg od. 1st Antidepressant ever taken. No problem with fast taper and no withdrawal effects. No antidepressants for over 5 years.


January 2013 started Citalopram 20mg.

March 2014 Switched to Sertraline 50 mg od.

23rd June 2016 started taper 45mg

23.07.16 40.5mg 23.08.16 36.45mg 27.09.16 34.65mg 24.10.16 32.90mg 28.11.16 31.26mg 04.01.17 32mg 25.02.17 31mg 22.03.17 30mg 14.04.17 29mg 09.05.17 28mg 07.06.17 27mg 08.06.17 26mg 13.07.17 25mg 07.08.17 24mg 24.08.17 23mg 13.09.17 22mg 12.10.17 21mg 10.11.17 20mg 04.12.17 19mg 01.01.18 17mg 25.01.18 15mg 22.02.18 13.5mg 25.03.18 12.15mg 

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I  want to ask what kind of supplement can relieve Short term memory loss induced by psychiatric drugs?

I take prozac,paxil 40mg and benzo other kind of psychotropic drugs since I was 13 until 2013years. I have quitted the last drugs pregabalin 75mg. Then I have a severe problem but I take supplement to heal . vit c mag, adaptogenic herb, EFT...... But Now I have still a big problem that is my skin head tissue which is maldevelopment. I go to the acupunture therapist. The she put the pin on the head pressure point then MY HARD HEAD tissue can bend the PIN. Until now it still has a big surface to loosen. Anyone has exp. like me? anyone has methods to loosen it faster?

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B12 injections.   If you dont fancy injections, you can get subligual,  ie tablets you put under your tongue to melt slowly,  B12.  Needs to be hydroxcobalamin,  avoid that cyano ****.  :)


1992 Dothiepin 375mg 8 weeks, exhaustion/depression.  Serotonin syndrome, oh yes!  seizures . Fell pregnant, 3rd baby, Nitrous Oxide, 3 weeks mental hospital pp psychosis. zoloft tegretol.

Feb 1996 ct tegretol, tapered Zoloft 8 weeks. as (unexpectedly)  pregnant. Steven died after 3 days.(Zolft HLHS baby).  98 had run in with Paxil, 2 tablets, 3 weeks taper, survived.
2005..menopause? exhausted again. Zyprexa, mad in three days, fallout....  Seroquel, Effexor, tegretol,   and 8 years of self destruction. Failed taper.
Damn 1/4 valium... nuts again! .fallout, zoloft 100mg  seroquol 400mg mirtazapine 45 mg  tegretol 400mg.  Mid 14 3 month taper. Nov 14 CRASH.
Mid 15 ....   75mg  seroquel,  3 x 1800mg SJW  2 week window end of December followed by 6 week wave
5/2 68mg seroquel, 2.5 x 1800mg SJW::::20/2 61mg seroquel, 2.5 x  SJW::: 26/2 54mg seroquel, 2 x SJW::::21/3 43mg seroquel, 1 x 2700SJW :::: 23/4 36mg seroquel 1 x 1800 SJW
15/5 33mg seroquel, 1 x SJW::::   28/5 30mg seroquel, 1 x SJW::::;  18/6 25mg seroquel 1/2 SJW::::, 11/7 21mg seroquel 1/2 SJW::, 26/7 18mg seroquel 1/2 SJW:::, 9/8 12mg seroquel :::, 16/8 6mg seroquel ;;;;, 12/9 0 jump.

23/9  3mg.....,  27/9 0mg.  Reinstated, 6mg, then 12mg.............  LIGHTBULB MOMENT,  I have  MTHFR 2x mutations.  CFS and issues with MOULD in my home. So I left home, and working 150km away during week, loving it.

Oh was hard, panic attacks first week, gone now, along with the mould issues.

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