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Today is a bad day......

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I feel saddened today as I have just heard this story.




I can see this opening a big can of worms, with further serious problems down the line. Short term use can be affective in my opinion but longer term use has an adverse effect and ultimately leads to patients becoming dependant as this forum can prove.  If more ADs are prescribed then now is the time for a support mechanism to be put in to place so that when patients need assistance to rid themselves of this poison they are not left lacking and wanting.



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Agreed, DaddyCee.

There is another thread on this just started.

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We are decades from the truth ever getting out .what ever convoluted truth that will be .society is set up to bury truth ,just look at the courts and law suits with big pharma .we really don't need to look past the likes of Robert Whitakers book .

We need to take our moral compass out off the debate and just look after our own as best we can and save them from these meds ,there very well mite be loads of cases that have been helped by them ,its extremely complex.

Its more serious than dependant for many people ,its down right destructive for way to many people .


My own parents still believe doctor knows best for there own meds needs .I will give them options other than there meds but they don't want to know ,they rather the easier way and its less hassle to just put trust in an admired profession .my life and time will be to try save my niece from such meds ,but then that would get me to a point of pulling my hair out trying to get my brother to listen to me .they have seen my torment and would easily think ah sure that cant happen to me .

We have been hoodwinked many many years ago.we simply cant solve this .that's not defeatist, its understanding how huge this is .  

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