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NZ Mental Health review

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I wrote to the Minister of Health telling him about the harm antidepressant drugs had done to me and sending him links to the Public Health England review of prescription drug harms and the Mental Health in Crisis talks happening in New Zealand.


I got this response:


"Thank you for your email of 25 January 2018 to the Minister of Health, Hon Dr David Clark, about the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction and sharing your own story. Dr Clark has asked me to respond on his behalf. 

The Inquiry is independent from both the Minister and Ministry of Health.  This ensures that the Inquiry acts independently, impartially and fairly.  While the Minister of Health was responsible for appointing the Inquiry and receiving its report, to maintain independence the Minister of Internal Affairs is the Minister responsible for its administration.  It is not appropriate for the Minister or the Ministry to comment on the Inquiry while it is under way.   

You can, however, contact the Inquiry directly via email (mentalhealthinquiry@dia.govt.nz).  You can also read more information about the Inquiry on the Department of Internal Affairs website (www.dia.govt.nz/Government-Inquiry-into-Mental-Health-and-Addiction), including information about how the public can be involved. 

Mental health and addiction are issues for all New Zealanders and the Inquiry needs to hear from people with a range of experiences – from people accessing services and their family members, through to emergency service workers and those working in the mental health and addiction sectors. 

Thank you for writing."
I haven't looked at the links yet - but will do to find out how to submit to the enquiry.  Thought other Aotearoans would be interested.
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I wanted to post this in the NZ thread - but think it's gone into the general relationships thread. Don't know how to deleted this and re-post to NZ thread. I've put a copy in the NZ thread by using the Reply function.

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