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c60 Carbon 60 olive oil


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Hello friends.

Been a long time since i posted in here. I had been cruising along fine with mild symptoms I kept quiet to mysef and lived with. I was at about 5yrs post injury. Around mid 2017 I took a very high dose of psilocybin (magic mushrooms) 10g.  Usually i'd take 3g no problem sometimes 4g. Anyway, it reinjured me back to maybe year 2 or 3 as it acts on serotonin. From the research that i could do and understand before hand (with my working memory still very low one of the only things that didn't improve) it acts on diff serotonin receptors than ssri so figured i would be ok. I was wrong. Over confident from repeated low doses over the previous 12months. Anyway I had this supplement sitting in my fridge for a year called c60. I don't want to write too much about it as i'll just post a link and ppl can check youtube as well. I started taking it xmas day. I was feeling suicidal that day. Not unusual for ppl who are dealing with hardship in life to on that day. But i took some 5ml and had some sort of lift in energy, mood and cognitive ability and has continued to work ever since. Really gave me a lot of quality of life back. Had the best xmas day i've had in years with my best mate here in australia on the beach and my daughter. And a great summer following. Was not expecting that at all. C60 works to repair things quite powerfully but also works on the mitochondria level which is why it boosts energy in the body including brain (cognitive lift). I'll leave the rest up for ppl to find out and research as i don't want to sound like i'm exaggerating and build it up too much. Hope it helps others. I've bought a bunch of bottles in bulk just to save a bit because they're expensive. I have sold some but at cost price to friends so i'm not affiliated with any brand. I just settled on this one as it seemed the most reputable. I can't say if other brands are better or worse i haven't tried them.




I stumbled upon it when trying out wim hof method as it does similar things to body. Increases oxygen and energy and other stuff. WHM didn't suit my body or situation tho i couldn't handle the detox but this c60 seems to gentle on my body. It's a powerful anti againg thing and within a week i noticed my face changed. Just looked healthier and younger. Like my skin. Wasn't expecting that either. As a male didn't think to look for that.


I don't know why but i have better results taking around midday after food. Maybe early morning with the detoxing over night during sleep is too much. Just a theory.


Good luck i hope it helps



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