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felin's friend

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Hello All,


I have a friend who is dear to me who has gone off of Effexor cold turkey. If I am not mistaken, this was approximately 3 weeks ago. She has now crashed.

What advice would you give to me to give to her? Time is of the essence.

She is a bright, beautiful woman who I know would gain alot from this website, however, I don't know what shape she is in in regards to focus, etc. I simply do not think that she knew about how very critical tapering is.


Thank you so much!!

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7 hours ago, felin said:

What advice would you give to me to give to her?


To join here and get the support she needs.  I don't think it is a good idea to offer advice to people we know other than to give them the information about SA and let them decide if they are going to check it out.  If you suggest something and things go badly it could land you in all sorts of trouble.  And it could be very stressful for you which I don't think you would want.  As you said, time is of the essence.

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