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The only thing that worked - Jesus

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To anyone who reads this,

If you're feeling desperate or at your breaking point please read this and have an open mind because I know I was on the verge of giving up and this saved my life. 


I grew up believing in new age spirituality because my mother was involved in it and in general I thought Christians were narrow minded hypocrites.. and many are.. but those aren't real Christians at all. 

I thought Jesus had just been an incredible 'teacher'. I'd never read the Bible and thought it was dogmatic and flawed because it had been written by men. 

.. if it hadn't been for antidepressant drug withdrawal that broke me to a point I emotionally and physically couldn't bear I would probably still believe this.

But I count this nightmare we've all had to endure as a gift now because it made me desperate enough to say "God if you're real, show me somehow.. show me what the Truth is.." practically with my face touching the floor. I'm not even sure where those words came from exactly but over the next week or so I came to the most profound understanding (I was lead to one thing after another) that this Bible I'd written off my whole life and this man whose name I heard a million times and I used as a casual swear word was actually who He said He was.... and I am the least likely human being to ever come to that conclusion and believe me I didn't even want to. But once I did and asked for forgiveness and for Jesus to come into my heart I have had a level of strength I have improved enough and gained a huge amount of endurance to handle this.

you have nothing to lose by getting humble like I did and calling out to him and asking to be shown.. the worst that can happen is nothing. But I promise you He answers 

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Hello, ReturningToHope.


Please start a topic for yourself in the Introductions forum so we can get to know you.

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Here is the link to ReturningToHope's intro topic:  


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