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Carmie: accidently doubling up on seroquel one day while tapering

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(((BIG HUGS))) for you too, Carmie!

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Thinking about you Carmie and hoping things are going ok for you and that some of th stress and diminished.  Love and hugs to you!💜

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Hi Carmie! I can see you've been in some waves from the taper. I've been very busy (and stressed) with life so have not been on SAD as much as I would like to post.

It's a nice idea to share your gratitude lists, I think when people have a hard time finding things themselves it can still be very uplifting to see someone else's, at least for me. I'm doing them myself since a long while back on and off in a notebook and I've shared it once with a friend when asked, and it cheered them up a lot.


Hope you are doing okay at the moment and that whatever you are going through will get easier soon. Most things do with time, even if it doesn't always feel like it.


Many hugs!

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Hi Carmie


Good to hear you've had some ok times.  Hope this wave recedes soon


Take care, best of wishes


Neroli 💜

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Hey Carmie, hope your weekend is pleasant and relaxing

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Thinking about you. How r u doing?

Hoping you are better and going smooth through hardships.



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