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What kind of doctor do you see?


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So I have a couple of questions

1. What kind of doctor do you see now that you are going through withdrawals? (Regular doctor, psychiatrist, naturopath, functional-integrative doctor)

2. I’m at almost 2 months and still pretty much lay in bed all day except a couple of hours is this normal in withdrawals I’m just so tired, anxious, depressed??

Ativan- Currently taking 3.17 mg 6x a day for 4 years currently doing a liquid taper 

Anafranil- 125 mg was on for 2 years, 2016-March 2018 off only in 2 weeks my last dose was March 6 

Metoprolol-50mg twice daily for 2008-now

Prilosec-40mg once daily 2013-now

Singular-10mg once daily 2013-now

Magnesium-300mg 6 months 


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