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Sharing information about #EmergingProud: a Grassroots Social Movement Aimed at: Re-framing ‘Madness’ as a catalyst for positive transformation


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This is what #EmergingProud is all about:



"#Emerging Proud is ultimately a campaign about providing hope; that breaking down does not mean we are broken; it means that we can be amidst a difficult journey to ‘breakthrough’. In the same way that the caterpillar completely dissolves before emerging as a butterfly from its chrysalis, the human ‘emergence’ process can look exactly the same. #Emerging Proud aims to add to the voices aiming to create a society in which it feels safer to speak out about our extreme experiences without fear of being told there is something wrong with us, or that we are “crazy”.



 #Emerging Proud acknowledges, in equal measure, both the extreme crisis and positive transformation potential contained in the ‘emergence’ process; what we consider important, is to shift the focus away from something being ‘wrong’, to the growth potential, deep meaning and wisdom psychological trauma can contain.



#Emerging Proud provides a platform to give those people who feel they have not had a voice, the chance to speak out and tell the world how they found a way out of their own darkness; a celebration of the positive transformation potential of these experiences, whilst at the same time acknowledging how challenging they can be, and what support is helpful during the process.



#Emerging Proud features accounts of people telling their personal transformation journey story, to show that it is possible to go from breakdown to breakthrough; what kinds of things they experienced, and what helped them to work their way out of the chrysalis. Personal story- sharing is one of the things people say is a helpful tool in the recovery journey.”



More information: https://emergingproud.com/about/


International #EmergingProud SoMe day 2018


Sat 12th May 2018 will see the 2nd International #EmergingProud day, with SoMe public conversations happening worldwide with the aim to normalise difficult transformation processes.

All events are being organised and hosted autonomously by Volunteers, and are FREE or by contribution to cover venue costs.



There are many events all around the world! See event information and contacts for each location:








2008: Cymbalta 60 mg, stopped at 30mg; Seroquel 25 mg for sleep; higher doses of Seroquel autumn 2008 and Lamictal started Dec. 2008

2009: Seroquel XR 300 mg + Seroquel IR 300 mg + Lamictal 300 mg

2010: Lamictal down to 200 mg. 2011: Seroquel XR down to 200mg (by first tapering IR 25mg at a time).

2015: started tapering Lamictal, down to 175mg, held for two weeks, down to 150 mg. Got symptoms.

2016: tapered Lamictal, now with 10 % rule and 3-week holds. Got it down to 100 mg. No significant symptoms.

2017: tapered Lamictal, with 10 % or less and held 3-6 weeks in between. Got it down to 50 mg in July.

Oct. 2017-Feb. 2018: tapered Seroquel IR from 200mg to 150mg. Feb. 2018: made a switch: Seroquel XR down to 150mg and IR up to 200mg.

April 2018: continued tapering Lamictal, down to 46 mg. June-Oct. 2018: continued with BM slide, down to 35mg.

April 2019: made a switch: Seroquel XR down to 100mg and IR up to 250mg. July IR down to 225mg, Aug. IR down to 200mg. Dec. Seroquel IR down to 190mg.

Jan. 2020: Seroquel IR down to 180mg. Feb. IR down to 175mg. March: IR back up to 200mg. May: Lamictal down to 34mg. July: made a switch: Seroquel XR down to 50mg and IR up to 250 mg. Held for 3 weeks, then IR down to 225 mg. Aug. IR down to 200 mg. Nov. Lamictal down to 33mg, Dec. down to 32mg.

Jan. 2021 down to 31mg, March 2021 Lamictal down to 30mg. June 2021: last switch: Seroquel XR down to 0mg and Seroquel IR up to 250mg.


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